How Technology is Shaping the Remote Employee Productivity Industry

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The advent of computers has transformed not only how people work, but also how companies are configured, more than any other segment of the technology. Technology helps organizations to operate more efficiently and allows companies to compete in an international market irrespective of their companies' origins.

Similarly, the job in the workplace is no longer focused on a long commute and an eight-hour visit to the office, but the entire flexibility and technology phase often blurs the distinction between everybody's personal and professional lives.

Dynamic Working Atmosphere

Now prospective workers are looking for a dynamic working atmosphere that enables them to embrace the job offer by means of device flexibility, time flexibility, and pay mobility. The highest values for modern workers are autonomy and liberty. While, for companies, efficiency and success for remote employees are what matters.

In the past, remote work opportunities were provided only to senior managers because they have already been considered highly responsible for their work. They were not responsible for the same responsibilities as workers at the junior level. But today the situation is different, not just employees, employers around the world are more mobile, creative, inspired, and especially profitable to make their employees more prosperous.

Due to the numerous technologies and modern tools, businesses will thrive in this digital age. Technology is untenable in some cases equally liable for distracting employees, but companies can potentially take advantage of the best means to expand their company with the right tools in the right place. Today we are discussing certain advantages that apply to all business levels.

Remote worker at a coffee shop
Remote worker at a coffee shop

Here are 5 ways how technology is shaping remote employee productivity

  • 1. Credible collaboration: With technology, it has become easier for managers to meet and exchange ideas, create projects together, and work together to solve an issue, In this case, nothing can overcome your relationship with your colleagues. Workers can use resources such as Zoom and Google Meet to conduct virtual meetings that are very necessary if the team is to remain motivated, get regular updates from each other, and particularly to know how each remote employee is doing overall.Adapting teamwork technologies to your daily operations will increase your employees' efficiency and keep them in line even though they operate from different locations.
  • 2. No more manual file sharing: The frequent sharing of files was one of the most time-consuming activities for staff. The use of file-sharing technologies such as Dropbox or Google Drive makes it easy for workers to share, update and track modification history without having to handle the manual transfer. Coworkers also know quickly who made any progress and who made any changes if necessary.
  • 3. Incorporate Time Tracking monitoring tools: It is really important to know how much time individual workers spend on their working role during the day in order to sustain a remote job. Understanding the time-log allows managers not only to keep a time record, but it is also necessary to know how many working hours the workers have worked. A powerful monitoring tool, such as CloudDesk, can allow the employees to manage their working lives better and be more productive and engaged on a daily basis. Furthermore, the managers can monitor the time required to complete each task and can estimate the idle hours.
  • 4. Boosts in remote employee productivity: In certain cases, even the most sincere and honest workers struggle to fulfill their mission or feel separated from their work. You can bring fun to your remote working environment by providing CircleCare corporate app that encourage collaboration, aid in openness and versatility.
    CircleCare corporate wellness software has features that can help sustain the well-being of workers mentally and healthfully and have a direct positive effect on productivity.
  • 5. Long term technological plan: Regardless of your size of business, technology will still play a key role. Make sure you understand the latest technology that helps the company to expand. The simple advantages of a succession plan would increase productivity considerably.
    It is not surprising that technology has an enormous effect on business. Moreover, remote work has become a common trend, with some workers refusing to accept a role on-site, knowing that they can find a comfortable and appropriate gig elsewhere.

The companies should take their remote work policy and opportunities into account, rather than opposing the move. It is time for your company to turn to CloudDesk employee monitoring software to assist you to handle distant workers if you are worried about remote productivity and problems of success. CloudDesk has unique features that take random screenshot of the computer device of your employees, and conducts Face-ID verification at a regular interval to make right employee is in front of the desk. You can save valuable time of worrying about how your employees are working or on what they are working. CloudDesk time-tracks and provides metrics to measure the productivity level of each of your employees under a easy to understand single dashboard for all your employees.

Stephen Schroeder is the founder of Turtler and loves using the app to lessen his wife’s stress when he’s bicycling as far as he’s allowed to go.

Stephen Schroeder is the founder of Turtler and loves using the app to lessen his wife’s stress when he’s bicycling as far as he’s allowed to go.