Quantum Compass as a New Step in Navigation

Quantum Compass as a New Step in Navigation

Stephen Schroeder - Nov 28, 2018

Is GPS about to be made obsolete? Probably not tomorrow, but the exciting development of the quantum accelerometer is its capability to provide extremely accurate location info without using any data from GPS satellites by utilizing powerful lasers that cool atoms to near absolute zero, turning them into a quantum state where they behave in a dual way – as both particles and waves.

  • Better and Safer Drivers Can Reduce Fleet Costs

    Aigerim Berzinya - Oct 31, 2018

    Do you know how drivers can help you reduce your fleet overheads? As Confucius said "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated". The answer is hidden in fostering a culture of good driver behavior.

  • Google Plus Data Breach: the Aftermath of Secrecy

    Aigerim Berzinya - Oct 12, 2018

    Google Plus will be shut down by the end of August, 2019. Within three years about 430 apps had access to the private data of Google Plus users - such as name, email address, occupation, gender, and age, no matter if users marked the data as private. It seems that 2018 will be known as the year of the “data breach”, but you never know. It is still October...

  • Facebook: Massive Hack Affecting 50 Million Users

    Facebook: Massive Hack Affecting 50 Million Users

    Aigerim Berzinya - Oct 05, 2018

    The world’s biggest social network suffers a massive hack affecting 50 million users after it is discovered that Facebook uses 2fa numbers and shadow contact info for ad purposes.

  • GPS Tips for the Outdoor Adventurer

    John Lewis - Oct 02, 2018

    These tips will help you ensure your safety. It is important to choose the right clothing and equipment, such as GPS, to make your outdoor experience breathtaking.

  • The Star Wars Tour of Ireland - Every Filming Location on the Map

    Aigerim Berzinya and Bellina Bi - Sep 25, 2018

    This article is the perfect Star Wars tour in Ireland. Every filming location was put on the map. Do not hesitate to share it among friends and experience Star Wars adventures at the lost planet Ahch-To, find the place where the Millenium Falcon was landed and take a pint in bars which Rey and Luke Skywalker visited.

  • Security experts Siegfried Rasthofer and Stephan Huber worked on a study titled “All your family secrets belong to us – Worrisome security issues in tracker apps”. The experts revealed a huge amount of security vulnerabilities among 18 of the most popular location sharing and spying apps that can be found in Google Play Store.

  • "Big company overstep fatigue" got you down? Well brace yourself, Google has recently been caught out in 3 major breaches of users' trust. #1, surreptitiously recording and storing users' location data without their consent. #2, incognito browsing isn't as incognito as you thought, and #3, Google Home and Chromecast are also spilling data.

  • Users seldom think about the location data their apps and devices are generating. This info is very personal and can expose both individuals and companies to a surprising array of risk. We ask top privacy experts why users should be aware and steps they can take to control it.

  • Survival Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

    Aigerim Berzinya - Jul 19, 2018

    Can I travel by myself? What if I get lost? I bet these questions are very familiar to ladies, who are thinking of traveling alone. Location sharing is one of the main tools to keep your families and friends updated on where you are. Here you can find advice from professional female solo travelers, must-have items in your backpack and recommendations on the most suitable GPS apps.

  • Children are perfect consumers, because they do not think about product usefulness or limited funds. Targeted advertising is a prior goal in marketing and it puts our beloved ones in danger. This is our responsibility to educate children how to survive online and use the Internet safely.

  • The European Union is trying to make companies respect individuals` data privacy. Hopefully, GDPR changes giant internet corporations` attitudes regarding data protection. One day other countries will follow the EU and will come up with similar laws to keep all of our data encrypted, private and anonymous.