"Big company overstep fatigue" got you down? Well brace yourself, Google has recently been caught out in 3 major breaches of users' trust. #1, surreptitiously recording and storing users' location data without their consent. #2, incognito browsing isn't as incognito as you thought, and #3, Google Home and Chromecast are also spilling data.

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    Users seldom think about the location data their apps and devices are generating. This info is very personal and can expose both individuals and companies to a surprising array of risk. We ask top privacy experts why users should be aware and steps they can take to control it.

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    While analyzing these ten employee GPS tracking services we found lots of excellent platforms that offer a large number of features. Most of them support mobile apps with mobile monitoring options. Some are better suited for field businesses and some are better for office-centric firms.

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    There are fifteen ways to develop your business by using employee and asset GPS tracking. GPS tracking improves quality of provided service, efficiently manages workforce and supports employees in different aspects: security at work, control of overtime hours and "magic work" of HR sector.

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    There are regular employee tracking apps which offer a usual set of features, such as GPS monitoring, performance tracking, closed messaging employees` groups, time tracking features, and etc. However, some of them can be considered as too invasive like incognito agents. This article is about spying apps used for secretly monitoring employees` activities at work (maybe not only at work).

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    Employees have rights. The status and rights of a person in a society shouldn't degrade when they are in the role of an employee at a company. It is important for employees to stand up for their rights and push back when employers overstep boundaries. GPS tracking is a powerful tool, but is always a potential invasion of privacy.