GPS Tracking & Location Sharing

Turtler is a specialized GPS tracking and location sharing service built with personal data privacy protection as our core priority.

Our Turtler Shell GPS device and Turtler applications for Android, iOS and web cover:


  • GPS tracking to follow the locations of their employees and assets.
  • Location sharing to show clients the live locations of workers, deliveries and pickups.
  • Promotion of mobile, temporary and dynamic events.
  • Automatic logging of working hours at job sites and client locations.


  • GPS tracking device for parents to monitor and voice communicate with their young children.
  • Create perimeters for alerts and automatic notifications when family members make expected and or unexpected movements.
  • Anti-theft features for tracking lost phones.


  • Proximity notifications to enable chance opportunity meetups.
  • Bookmarking and sharing of saved locations.
  • Group features for clubs and events.


Our goal at Turtler is to 'Share Locations Powerfully' and to be the best at answering the question 'Where?...'

When you want to know where someone is: a loved one, an employee, a service person coming to your location, even the next bus coming to your bus stop while you're waiting - we provide the best service to provide you with that information - and then do more with it.

We enable the promotion of live, dynamic and new locations easily. You can show your clients the live location of where the worker coming to visit them is currently and send them alerts when they are within a radius closer to arriving.

Companies can easily promote new and temporary events with live links showing the location on the map, and even embed Turtler maps on their own websites to show their events and personnel moving in real time.

All of these features are able to be shared with people who do not have the app, the positions are visible in regular web browsers, desktop and mobile.

What separates Turtler is an absolute position on personal data privacy protection.

Turtler also includes many unique features not found in other apps, especially around bookmarking and saving live locations with persons who do not have the application via special web links.

Data Privacy & Security

From the very beginning we started talking directly to potential users and customers and the most common concerns quickly became clear.

What will happen with my data? Can your service be hacked and my child's location, or my own, or my company's private internal activities and history be accessed by anyone else than for whom it is intended?

Every aspect of Turtler has been designed and built with the highest levels of privacy and security for every connection and component. From the outset every process, feature and policy is industry-leading.

Critical Security Measures:

  • No data is ever saved unless saved by the user, real time location data is purged continuously.
  • No data is ever shared with third parties. Every aspect of Turtler is built in-house, there are no data gaps.
  • We use AES 256 bit encryption for all data transfers and storage. This is super strong encryption. The Turtler app could perform fractionally faster with weaker encryption but we still choose these measures with security as the highest priority.
  • No one at Turtler is able to see any private information or access personal profiles. Locations, bookmarks, friends, employees lists - all account data - are encrypted and only available to the user via their passwords.
  • Every feature is set to 'not share' by default. The device cannot share location without the user explicitly choosing to do so.
  • Every step towards sharing is set at the minimal level of sharing first, for example Private as the default before Public, and with its shortest time period of expiry.
  • Our data center is in an ISO 270001 certified facility in Zurich, Switzerland for world-class data-privacy protection.

GPS Tracker Device

"In less than a minute at a Muji department store I went from casually shopping with my wife and 2 and a half year old daughter to deep gut-wrenching fear and panic as I looked furiously around the store. I rushed to the exit to check that avenue and then doubled back scanning aisles in desperation. It was in these moments I knew I had to build a better fallback safety net for this worst case scenario. Luckily I found my daughter zipping around, but if anything had happened to her I would have been devastated and never forgive myself.

We are determined at Turtler to make a solid device that creates an unbreakable connection between parent and child."

- Stephen Schroeder, Turtler Founder and CEO

The Turtler Shell device is integrated into the Turtler app, giving parents a constant view to the device's location. It has 2 way calling for parent's to place a voice call to the Shell, and the child can likewise call from the Shell to the parents' phones.

Turtler Shell:

Key qualities include:

  • Use of a low power chip for longer standby and tracking times. 5 day standby, 1 day full time tracking.
  • Very small device size so it can and will be used by the child.
  • It is purposefully not a watch so that it can be placed in a pocket or on a lanyard and not then easily removed.
  • 2-way voice calling via a SIM card on a GSM network. Can call out to 3 preset numbers via a simple button.
  • Integrated into the Turtler app. The parent account controls its settings via the app.


Turtler is currently under development and testing and scheduled to launch the beta version in January 2018. If you are interested in Turtler and would like a free 3 month trial of premium business account and 50% for life please answer our quick 5 question survey here: Business Survey

Incorporated in Ireland June 2017. Private capital startup, partners include Stephen Schroeder (CEO), Maggie Kelley (Director), Thomas Walk (COO), Ervin Musngi (CTO).

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