Quantum Compass as a New Step in Navigation

Quantum Compass as a New Step in Navigation

Stephen Schroeder - Nov 28, 2018

Is GPS about to be made obsolete? Probably not tomorrow, but the exciting development of the quantum accelerometer is its capability to provide extremely accurate location info without using any data from GPS satellites by utilizing powerful lasers that cool atoms to near absolute zero, turning them into a quantum state where they behave in a dual way – as both particles and waves.

  • While analyzing these ten employee GPS tracking services we found lots of excellent platforms that offer a large number of features. Most of them support mobile apps with mobile monitoring options. Some are better suited for field businesses and some are better for office-centric firms.

  • There is a huge variety of GPS and Map applications in tech market. 26 professional bloggers share their opinion about location sharing and make recommendations in app improvements. Only 69% of interviewed travelers are satisfied with their current apps.

  • When it comes to data privacy and security, it is irresponsible to blame someone for all troubles happened to us. However, it does not remove any social media platforms guiltiness in personal data leaks, which happened recently. The EU and its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) go into effect on May 25, 2018. There are big expectations to it. We will see...

  • There are fifteen ways to develop your business by using employee and asset GPS tracking. GPS tracking improves quality of provided service, efficiently manages workforce and supports employees in different aspects: security at work, control of overtime hours and "magic work" of HR sector.

  • Every parent’s primary concern is their children's safety. Location sharing apps are one of the perfect ways to look out for kids and to help keep them secure at all times. This can work in many different occasions and is much better than calling your children, with all of their friends knowing they are talking to parents, especially if you have teenagers.

  • There are regular employee tracking apps which offer a usual set of features, such as GPS monitoring, performance tracking, closed messaging employees` groups, time tracking features, and etc. However, some of them can be considered as too invasive like incognito agents. This article is about spying apps used for secretly monitoring employees` activities at work (maybe not only at work).

  • Employees have rights. The status and rights of a person in a society shouldn't degrade when they are in the role of an employee at a company. It is important for employees to stand up for their rights and push back when employers overstep boundaries. GPS tracking is a powerful tool, but is always a potential invasion of privacy.

  • The state-supported Norwegian Consumer Council has conducted thorough research on child GPS smartwatches with phone calling features and has released the exposé '#WatchOut' seeking to push improvement and more regulation of the products. They are referring the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and the Consumer Ombudsman to review the manufacturers for breaches of the Norwegian Personal Data Act and the Marketing Control Act. The report has spread to a call in the US for the FTC to do likewise.

  • Family location sharing is a great way to keep your children safe and to make parents more aware of their children’s whereabouts. But, what should a quality family location sharing app offer to users? How can you pick an app that’s perfect for your needs, and if you are new to the location sharing space, how can you pick up an app excellent for you?

  • Top 11 Worst Location Data Privacy Breaches

    Stephen Schroeder - Sep 25, 2017

    Personal location data includes where you are right now, where you've been, where you often go, the locations of your loved ones and more. Safeguarding it is critical for safety but this data is too often overlooked and dangerous data leaks have occurred, often by big companies that should know better.

  • Irish industry leaders agree with their counterparts worldwide that location-sharing and GPS (Global Positioning System) analytics can transform the way we do business, but few understand exactly how this will happen. In this article, we will explain exactly how GPS tracking and location-sharing can benefit the 10 most important sectors of the Irish economy.

  • If you use a location sharing app from Google (Google Maps introduced location sharing a while ago) or Facebook (location sharing features are part of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) get ready to be tightly followed. Google and Facebook are probably the two biggest digital ad agencies in the world (both companies receive a huge chunk of their profit from ads) and you can be assured they will use your location data to serve you better ads. Snapchat will be doing even more.

  • With specialized trackers parents can always know where their kids are, are they safe, and are they in school. In addition to GPS tracker devices and apps for kids there are also specialized services capable of providing real-time tracking of school buses. Instead of giving the information just to parents, these apps and services help school administrators keep track of ...