Children are perfect consumers, because they do not think about product usefulness or limited funds. Targeted advertising is a prior goal in marketing and it puts our beloved ones in danger. This is our responsibility to educate children how to survive online and use the Internet safely.

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  • If you use a location sharing app from Google (Google Maps introduced location sharing a while ago) or Facebook (location sharing features are part of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) get ready to be tightly followed. Google and Facebook are probably the two biggest digital ad agencies in the world (both companies receive a huge chunk of their profit from ads) and you can be assured they will use your location data to serve you better ads. Snapchat will be doing even more.

  • With specialized trackers parents can always know where their kids are, are they safe, and are they in school. In addition to GPS tracker devices and apps for kids there are also specialized services capable of providing real-time tracking of school buses. Instead of giving the information just to parents, these apps and services help school administrators keep track of ...

  • Bluetooth trackers may look like a perfect solution for tracking your things, costing just a fraction of a price of a standard GPS tracker. But they cannot give you the security and real-time tracking capabilities of a GPS tracker. They are great for tracking items that can get easily misplaced, but if you want to secure your valuables, or to use your phone as a GPS tracker ...

  • With specialized tracking solutions, outdoor adventure organizers can track all participants, share their event with the world, enable fans to track individual users and give the fans a way to see a replay of the event. There are many different tracking platforms, but they all offer GPS tracking via specialized GPS tracking devices, or via mobile apps.

  • 10 Ways GPS Can Save Your Company Money

    Stephen Schroeder - May 04, 2017

    GPS technology is an unsung hero of our modern digital times, a backbone on which many innovative applications have grown to rely on. With commercial GPS companies can navigate, track and locate more effectively. GPS improves efficiency, productivity and precision; ultimately helping companies save costs and maximize profitability.

  • How Young Is Too Young for a Cellphone?

    Thomas Walk - Apr 12, 2017

    Children should be given the chance to develop their social skills, spacial awareness and executive function reasoning before they are allowed to use cellphones.

  • The 10 Best GPS Devices for 10 Different Sports

    Stephen Schroeder - Mar 24, 2017

    Many outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and paragliding rely on geolocation data for navigation and safety. GPS technology has enabled users to focus more not only the actual physical exercise of outdoor activities, but also the natural environment they are adventuring in.

  • Employee GPS Tracking: Challenges and Best Practices

    Stephen Schroeder - Mar 10, 2017

    Consider the case of Myrna Arias. Her employer, Intermex Wire Transfer, afforded her a company-issued smartphone so she could receive calls from clients at any hour. She was asked to keep the device on at all times. She agreed to be monitored during working hours, but there was no way for her to specifically turn off the GPS tracking. Her manager...

  • Your 2G Device Will Soon Be Useless

    Thomas Walk - Mar 08, 2017

    With the deprecation of 2G networks around the world, devices that rely on 2G protocols for data transmissions will soon be useless. It is recommended to choose 3G devices at a minimum.