How to Use GPS Tracking to Improve Your Health and Fitness

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Technology has evolved to help us across every aspect of our lives – and how we keep fit and healthy is no exception.

Today, there are numerous GPS watches and other tracking devices that can help keep us in top shape. Their continued development has even been acknowledged by health professionals and sports trainers, who recommend the use of technology for all kinds of exercise.

There are many different ways you can use GPS tracking to improve your efforts. Here are some of the best strategies.

Measure speed improvements

Measuring how long it takes you to go from A to B can be a challenge. A standard stop watch can be inaccurate, as it relies on human reaction times. That’s not always easy when you’re physically and mentally drained.

Use GPS devices to track your results
Use GPS devices to track your results

In addition, a traditional watch can’t monitor the speed at which you’re travelling. A GPS tracker by contrast can:

  • Measure your speed at a specific point
  • Measure your maximum speed
  • Measure your average speed during the course of exercise

This can help you prepare for long distance races, whether it’s cycling, running or swimming. Are your performances improving? Do you achieve better results on certain tracks or routes? Is there a period of the year when you optimise performance? GPS tracking can answer all these questions.

Accurately measure distances

Training for a long distance race, like a marathon, takes a lot of care and precision. You need to know how far you’re going with every run or cycle, and how often. This can be challenging if you’re running on unfamiliar routes every day.

This is particularly helpful if you find yourself heading away on holiday at any point during your training schedule. Just make sure to check if an injury while running is covered in your insurance policy.

A GPS device allows you to accurately monitor your progress. If you’re wavering from your routine, or not hitting the distances your plan requires, you’ll know.

Monitor vital health statistics

Another benefit of GPS tracking devices is that they can often monitor your heart rate and pulse. This can be very beneficial when you want to improve your general health. Monitoring your heart beats per minute and pulse over a longer period are good indicators of improved fitness.

While you obviously shouldn’t rely on technology alone when it comes to your health, it could serve as a great first indicator that something is out of the norm. If you spot a significant change in heart rate (or any other medical factor) it could be worth contacting your doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Psychological motivation  

Thanks to GPS tracking, it’s easier to keep on top of roughly what level of exercise you should be doing every day. You know what you achieved the day, week, month and even year before, and can plan your workout around that accordingly.

Track your routes
Track your routes

This readily available information puts a form of subconscious pressure on yourself - but that isn’t a bad thing. You know what you can and should be achieving that day, so why aren’t you? By having a clear target to strive for, you’ll have a lot more focus and drive when it comes to getting out and achieving your fitness goals.

Build new training routes

Getting tired of the same old route? In the past, it would have been incredibly disruptive to upheave your running path and find somewhere new. After all, there’s a good chance you’d have marked out your lap, knowing exactly how far you need to go to hit your targets.

With modern tech, you’ll be able to measure and test new routes on the fly. You can even map them out ahead of time to see how far you need to push every time you head out the door.


GPS devices have changed the way we view the world. Make sure to take advantage of them and optimise your next fitness routine.

Aigerim is using Turtler in her own hiking and outdoors adventures and proud to be promoting it worldwide as our Marketing Director extraordinaire.

Aigerim is using Turtler in her own hiking and outdoors adventures and proud to be promoting it worldwide as our Marketing Director extraordinaire.