Geolocation technology helps travelers explore the world and share their experience with the audience. No matter where you are going you can always find the best restaurants, parks and parking lots by using GPS tracking. Stay tuned.

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    GPS tracking devices are both safe and smart. It is essential, when you travel all around the world. Utilizing our tips will enable you to always have your GPS tracking technology turned.

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    There is a huge variety of GPS and Map applications in tech market. 26 professional bloggers share their opinion about location sharing and make recommendations in app improvements. Only 69% of interviewed travelers are satisfied with their current apps.

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    When it comes to data privacy and security, it is irresponsible to blame someone for all troubles happened to us. However, it does not remove any social media platforms guiltiness in personal data leaks, which happened recently. The EU and its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) go into effect on May 25, 2018. There are big expectations to it. We will see...

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    If you use a location sharing app from Google (Google Maps introduced location sharing a while ago) or Facebook (location sharing features are part of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) get ready to be tightly followed. Google and Facebook are probably the two biggest digital ad agencies in the world (both companies receive a huge chunk of their profit from ads) and you can be assured they will use your location data to serve you better ads. Snapchat will be doing even more.