People talk about private location data and how it is bad to share it. The EU countries agreed on GDPR regulations, but still more apps continue sharing private location data without users` permission. In this article we have listed twenty four iOS apps you would be careful with.

  • Family Security Vulnerabilities of Most Popular Location Sharing and Spying Apps

    Security experts Siegfried Rasthofer and Stephan Huber worked on a study titled “All your family secrets belong to us – Worrisome security issues in tracker apps”. The experts revealed a huge amount of security vulnerabilities among 18 of the most popular location sharing and spying apps that can be found in Google Play Store.

  • Family Pro Mom Bloggers Survey on Kid-Friendly GPS Tracking Device and Apps

    Do you think child GPS tracking prevents kidnapping or losing your child in public areas? Do modern moms know about advantages and disadvantages of kid-friendly GPS apps? This survey helps you find answers to some of your questions.

  • Family Profit and Complacency: We Make Our Children Vulnerable Online

    Children are perfect consumers, because they do not think about product usefulness or limited funds. Targeted advertising is a prior goal in marketing and it puts our beloved ones in danger. This is our responsibility to educate children how to survive online and use the Internet safely.

  • Family GDPR in Europe: Citizens with Super Power and Companies with Restrictions

    The European Union is trying to make companies respect individuals` data privacy. Hopefully, GDPR changes giant internet corporations` attitudes regarding data protection. One day other countries will follow the EU and will come up with similar laws to keep all of our data encrypted, private and anonymous.

  • Family How Parents and Families are Using GPS for Saving Time and Stronger Security

    Every parent’s primary concern is their children's safety. Location sharing apps are one of the perfect ways to look out for kids and to help keep them secure at all times. This can work in many different occasions and is much better than calling your children, with all of their friends knowing they are talking to parents, especially if you have teenagers.