Bluetooth trackers may look like a perfect solution for tracking your things, costing just a fraction of a price of a standard GPS tracker. But they cannot give you the security and real-time tracking capabilities of a GPS tracker. They are great for tracking items that can get easily misplaced, but if you want to secure your valuables, or to use your phone as a GPS tracker ...

  • Devices The 10 Best GPS Devices for 10 Different Sports

    The 10 Best GPS Devices for 10 Different Sports

    Stephen Schroeder - Mar 24, 2017

    Many outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and paragliding rely on geolocation data for navigation and safety. GPS technology has enabled users to focus more not only the actual physical exercise of outdoor activities, but also the natural environment they are adventuring in.

  • Devices Which GPS Data Connection Type? Deciding Between 3G and Satellite Connected Devices

    In the majority of use cases – which include people using GPS in their daily lives in relatively populated areas – a 3G connected GPS device can offer more advanced and relevant features, faster and more accurate performance, more stable and broad connections to the network and lower average costs.

  • Devices Your 2G Device Will Soon Be Useless

    Your 2G Device Will Soon Be Useless

    Thomas Walk - Mar 08, 2017

    With the deprecation of 2G networks around the world, devices that rely on 2G protocols for data transmissions will soon be useless. It is recommended to choose 3G devices at a minimum.